Pristine Water of Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island lagoon has the most beautiful pristine blue water.

How smooth is the water

Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon is surrounded by a Coral Wall to form a lagoon to snorkel in.  This provides  calm swimming pool like water to snorkel in which makes it great for all ages and competency levels.  The Coral wall protects the Lagoon from waves creating the calm waters with little disturbance from the outer waves.


At Lady Musgrave Lagoon we have good visibility  at all times because of the protection from the outer waves.  As you can see in this photo that was taken on the vessel Emelie how clear the water is, the turtle decided to do a photo bomb and be in it also.  You will sigh of gratitude of how gorgeous the waters are alone without getting in and being with the Marine Life that makes the experience even more magical.