Lady Musgrave Island Camping

Have you ever…

…. woken up in the middle of the night because a Green Sea turtle has decided that the best place to lay its eggs is underneath your tent? Have you ever seen the sun rise and set over the ocean, in the same day, from the same place? Have you ever snorkelled pristine reef mere meters from your campsite? 

This is all possible while camping on Lady Musgrave Island, and only a few of the many reasons why camping here is so special!

 We can take you there

Our team at 1770 Reef know that camping on Lady Musgrave Island is amazing and the most rewarding camping experience possible.  However, we must stress that camping on Lady Musgrave Island is all about preparation and understanding the environment. To get the most out of your experience it is imperative that you are well prepared for all types of situations.

Bare Necessities

Lady Musgrave Island is a pristine environment. You will not find any shops, hotels, resorts or swimming pools on this island.  The only sign of human interference is a lightly marked out camping area. The camping ground only offers a composting toilet facility and an emergency radio tower. There is no phone reception nor a fresh water supply.


Campers must be fully self-sufficient. All equipment, food and water must be brought to the island with you. Packing extra supplies is necessary in the event that your return transfer is delayed. The island is located 59km from the Town of 1770 and only accessible by boat. We can offer camping transfers to and from the island.

To help you decide if camping on Lady Musgrave Island is right for you, please visit Queensland Parks and Wildlife – Visiting Capricorn Cays Safely. 

Already know that camping on Lady Musgrave is just what you need? That is great, you won’t regret it. Next step is to visit Queensland Parks and Wildlife and book in your camping permit. Please also familiarise yourself with your biosecurity obligation

Once your permit is confirmed with QPWS you can now book in your transfer dates with 1770reef. To do this you will need to contact our bookings office by calling 07 4972 7222 or via email

Our friendly staff will be able to provide you with all the information you need to have a successful stay on Lady Musgrave Island.

Camping permits are $6.85 per person per night. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your transfer. Pricing differs between on peak and off peak times. 

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