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  • At 1770 Reef, our primary goal is to provide inclusive experiences for all our guests on board. We are dedicated to adapting our activities to accommodate the diverse needs of our guests, ensuring that everyone’s requirements are met effectively. Our commitment to accessibility means that individuals using walking aids or wheelchairs can fully participate in our comprehensive day tours, supported by our attentive 1770 Reef team.
  • Moreover, we welcome guests with vision impairments or reduced mobility to join us in experiencing the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. To enhance safety and comfort, we offer pool flotation noodles and slim-line life jackets, providing additional support for passengers who may feel uncertain in our lagoon environment.
  • Our crew is deeply committed to assisting all passengers throughout their journey with us. We prioritise ensuring that every guest feels confident using our snorkelling equipment. For those needing extra guidance or time to build confidence in the lagoon and snorkelling experience, our crew members are readily available to provide assistance both on land and in the water.
  • At 1770 Reef, we are continuously exploring avenues for enhancing accessibility to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, striving to make our tours more inclusive and enjoyable for all.