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Baby Turtles Hatching

Turtles Hatching Marine turtles have nested on parts of the Queensland coast for thousands of years. To watch a marine turtle nest is to experience one of nature’s truly wonderful rituals. A marine turtle can be between 30 to 50 years of age before it begins to breed...

Pristine Water of Lady Musgrave Island

Lady Musgrave Island lagoon has the most beautiful pristine blue water. How smooth is the water Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon is surrounded by a Coral Wall to form a lagoon to snorkel in.  This provides  calm swimming pool like water to snorkel in which makes it great...

Seafood Festival + Reef Tour

Have a weekend away in July, enjoy the 1770 Fresh Seafood Festival on July 28th and then a Tour to the Southern Great Barrier Reef on Sunday the 29th July. 1770 Fresh Seafood Festival The 1770 Fresh Seafood Festival will be held on the 28th July 2018 from 10am The...

Departure times to Lady Musgrave Island

Tour Times 1770reef times are available from the office daily.  Departures and Arrivals are from the 1770 Marina Jetty.  Your check in time will be emailed to you when your booking is confirmed, this is allows you time to let the staff know that you have arrived and...

Turtle Rescue

Turtle Rescue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go55uUCVA38&feature=youtu.be Turtle Rescue, Our Island guide Marcus Webber taught our passengers aboard how the correct way is to recuse a Upturned Turtle on the bank. Our beautiful old Turtle was found upturned way up...

Snorkel the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Come aboard our catamaran for an intimate Lady Musgrave snorkeling, exploring and glass bottom boat experience. Here are more details about your snorkeling experience with us.

Key Facts about Sun, Turtles, and Reef at Lady Musgrave Island

The smell of Salt air, Sun and the prestine blue waters of Lady Musgrave Island part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef make this destination truly beautiful. With Turtles swimming by your side and glass bottom boat viewing topped with a Guided Island walk.

Tranquility with Marine Life

Our passenger Mark Wessel took this perfect photo of a Manta Ray and Black Tip Reef Shark out at Lady Musgrave Island


Lady Musgrave Island simply paradise

Queensland Weekender

Queensland Weekender will be showing 1770reef touring to Lady Musgrave Island on the 22nd July.