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Come with us and visit one of the most beautiful ladies on the whole Great Barrier Reef. It’s absolutely true – Lady Musgrave Island – with clear, pristine waters of the lagoon, almost 10 kilometres of reef wall and embraced within her arms


Lady Musgrave Island the illusive octopus and it’s surroundings at Lady Musgrave Island visit the prestine waters and full of life reef with us at 1770reef.

Flying Fish

When the Flying Fish is fully grown it can measure up to 20 – 25 centimeters in length and their pectoral fins can be as big as the size of the wings of some birds.

Wobbegong Shark

Wobbegong Shark, We are bringing up this variety of shark because in the last couple of months some of our lucky snorkelers have been able to spot one of these little guys lurking around in our snorkel zone.

Organ Pipe Coral

Organ Pipe Coral is a SOFT coral that just happens to have a calcium carbonate outer skeleton that forms just like the pipes found at Lady Musgrave Island.

Whats New!

Whats New! 1770reef's Reef Jet! Yes she has arrived at the 1770 Marina our new vessel to take you to your dream destination. What is Your favorite destination Lady Musgrave Island The Town of 1770 is the closest access to Lady Musgrave Island and the outer Great...

Have you wondered how Lady Musgrave Island was created

How was Lady Musgrave Island Created? Believe it or not, the “land” that forms the Great Barrier Reef is the remains of sediments of the Great Dividing Range (Australia’s largest mountain range). It extends over 2500 kilometres along the coast line of Queensland. Wow...

We are the Closest access to the Reef!

Lady Musgrave Island – Gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. 1770reef provides you with the closest access to Lady Musgrave Island being just a short boat trip out fro the Town of 1770  to Lady Musgrave Island, Reef and Lagoon. The Town of 1770/Agnes Water is...

Bundaberg Qld

The town of Bundaberg in Queensland is approximately one and a half hours drive from Town of 1770

Finding Nemo at Lady Musgrave Island

We all love “Nemo” at Lady Musgrave Island The Great 8!  Number #3 on the list of Great 8 are our beautiful Clown Fish and notably well known around the world “Nemo”.  Boy or Girl? All Clown Fish are born. These very social fish live together with a dominant female....

Are there Whales out near Lady Musgrave Island – Yes

Humpback, Dwarf Minke, False Killer, Killer, Short-Finned Pilot, Sperm and various Beaked Whales can all be seen in the Great Barrier Reef and around Lady Musgrave Island in season.  With the Humpback Whale being the most commonly sighted species of whale on the Great Barrier Reef.

Giant Clam

The Giant Clam is found at our very own Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, with the Giant Clam earing its spot at number 5, alongside the likes of Whales, Manta Rays, Clown Fish, Sharks, Potato Cod, Maori Wrasse and Turtles.

Top 100 Bucket List with news/experienceoz

#23 Queensland top 100 Bucket List with news/experienceoz #23 - Snorkel the Lady Musgrave Island lagoon Where is it? 80km north-east of Bundaberg, QLD Host to the Great Barrier Reef's largest lagoon and one of the best overall budget options for those looking to get a...