Key Facts about Sun, Turtles, and Reef at Lady Musgrave Island


Sun, Turtles, Reef

Lady Musgrave Island is located a short distance off the Town of Seventeen Seventy, in Australia.


The Temperature at Seventeen Seventy and Lady Musgrave Island is usually between 20 – 35 degrees a very comfortable climate, that makes Snorkeling an all year round activity.


At Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon we have turtles coming up to lay their eggs on an average night there can be as many as 175 Turtles coming to shore, from late November to January. Nesting usually occurs at high tide during the night. Then they begin to hatch usually Mid January to March they can be seen scattering to the waters edges.  Lady Musgrave Island is home for Loggerhead, Green Turtles as well as the Hawksbill Turtle.

Snorkeling you can experience the Turtles frolicking next to you. A truly amazing experience and much loved and remembered for a lifetime.


The Southern Great Barrier Reef will leave you in awe gently floating above the array of corals, clam, and beautiful reef fish including Moray Wrasse, Manta Rays and more.