Town of 1770
& Agnes Water


Lieutenant James Cook, the first Englishman to set foot on what was then known as The New Found Land, made the Town of 1770 his second landing place, on May 24, 1770.

The Town of 1770, nestled on the western side of a peninsula, overlooking some magnificent views, was first visited by James Cook and Joseph Banks.

The town was later named in honor of James Cook, and a monument now stands near the spot where they came ashore, over 200 years ago.

The Town of 1770 is one of the rare places in Australia, where you can stand on land, but still see the sun rise and the sun set over the water. Truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Come spend an evening on the beach and witness one of Australia’s best destinations.

town of 1770


You arrive in the township of Agnes Water on your way to Town of 1770. The area is surrounded by National Parks and some of the best beaches in the world. Some beaches are still 4WD accessible only.

Many small secluded coves and inlets open up to the broad expanse of Bustard Bay and Agnes beach itself. Clean white sand and rocky headlands make up the landscape.

Agnes Water has everything you need for a great holiday destination, with shopping centres, schools, caravan parks, camping grounds and a motel.

The climate here is sub-tropical, making for very pleasant days and nights. Summer temperatures peak at 30 degrees and winter blesses us with a mild 23 degrees. Average rainfall differentiates us from the heavy falls received further north in the tropics.


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